1. Ready to Go

  1. 2.Shake

  2. 3.Lies

  3. 4.No Day Like Today

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Music and Lyrics: Leo

Performed by Shine Lion:

Leo - Lead vocals, guitars, keys

Jay - Guitars, vocals

Ced - Bass, vocals

Queen - Drums, vocals

Recorded and Produced by Musilion inc.


Mastered by Crazy Mastering


Package Design by Leo

(c) 2012 Musilion inc.


Shine Lion delivers a vibrant rocking performance. Inspired by the band’s acclaimed explosive live shows, this 4-song EP is a great demonstration of how the band’s sound has evolved since its beginnings and will have you headbanging on your chair, couch, or wherever it is you’re at.

The “GO” EP is available from band members and is sold as a sleek USB flash drive.

You can listen to one song for free in our Media section.

For general information, contact us at band@shinelion.com.mailto:band@shinelion.com?subject=Shine%20Lionshapeimage_2_link_0
For booking and show information, e-mail booking@musilion.com or call 450-275-2728.mailto:booking@musilion.com?subject=Shine%20Lionshapeimage_3_link_0

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