Music and Lyrics: Leo

Performed by Shine Lion:

Leo - Lead vocals, guitars, keys

Ced - Bass, vocals

Queen - Drums, vocals

Recorded and Produced by Musilion inc.

Tracks 1-9 mastered by

Crazy Daisy Mastering

Visual Design: Leo

(c) 2013 Musilion inc.

Shine Lion
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1. Ready to Go

  1. 2.Electric

  2. 3.No Day Like Today

  3. 4.Shake

  4. 5.Lies

  5. 6.Control

  6. 7.Evolve

  7. 8.Heartbeat

  8. 9.Losing My Mind

  9. 10. Sun Sign (live at Le National)

  10. 11. Shake (acoustic version)


Having sold out all copies of its eponymous album “Shine Lion”, the band released this compilation titled “Encore”, which includes the 4 tracks from “Go”, 4 tracks from “Shine Lion”, the new song “Electric”, a live version of “Sun Sign” recorded at Le National, and an exclusive acoustic version of “Shake”.

This compilation stands as the current state of the band and its accomplishments for the year 2013, while we all wait for a new release in 2015.

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