In 2010, during a 10-day vacation of poor weather, Leo locks himself up in an uninterrupted studio session to record new songs, under the name “10 Days”. Encouraged by his Uprising bandmates, they decide to bring this project from the studio to the stage.

The journey begins in September with the goal of playing Montreal's Omnium du Rock, scheduled to start only 6 weeks away, a challenge that the band members, all armed with a solid musical background, decide to take on.

On their very first public performance, the four-piece put on an impressive show, winning over both the public and jury. In January of 2011, the band returned and moved up to the semi-finals. Strong from this immediate connection with the crowds, Shine Lion set out to use every possible opportunity to play and improve their live show. In March 2011, they would produce a first video for the song “Control”, which has since gathered more than 2000 views across YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

In the summer of 2012, the band goes back to the studio and records 4 new songs; these were released in the Fall as the “GO” EP, which is sold as a neat USB key. The band then went back on the road with more shows across multiple cities.

In the beginning of 2013, the band works on new material and an improved show, and a new video is released for the song “Electric”, gathering more than a thousand views within a week. The band also ventures to Ontario and will return to Montreal in September for their biggest show yet, at the National.

Born from a unique blend of powerful rock and thumping electronica, Shine Lion returns with memorable melodies, compelling choruses and vivacious vocal harmonies. The band will present its new album "On The Hunt" for the first time on May 1st 2015, in a unique and intimate setting where each song’s story shall come alive.

Rock and Roar

Painting by Patrick Larrivée.

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