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NY Strip Steak, Lobster, Spaghetti

Wine, White or Dark Beer, Gatorade

Fight Club, Unbreakable, Old School

Family Guy, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother


Muse, Deep Purple, Queen, Linkin Park

Golf, Tennis, Badminton


As a child, Leo would hum melodies heard on the radio, prompting his parents to start him on piano lessons. In his teenage years, he went on to play the flute and learn the basics of music theory. Drawn to electronic music at the time, he started writing material of his own using a computer and, with a few friends, joined into a video game project called Second Chance. Two years later, the project was abandoned, but two full discs’ worth of material had been written.

Taking a new-found liking to classic rock (Deep Purple, Queen, Led Zeppelin), Leo started playing the electric guitar. A few jams with friends got him more interested in present alternative rock, and he soon started an original rock band, named Twist of Mind.

Initially in the band as a guitarist, Leo soon took an increased liking to singing. Working with the band, he  realized that the right sound was just as important as the music itself and started a degree in Sound Design at Vanier College.

He would use the techniques learned to record a first demo album with Twist of Mind in 2004, titled Purple Skies, and later a full album in 2007, Temptation, which featured 14 songs, and was launched at the Cafe Campus. Twist of Mind also played several iconic venues in Montreal, including the Club Soda and Kola Note.

In 2008, along with a few ex-members of Twist of Mind, who had disbanded, he started a new band, Rock That, playing covers of popular rock-alternative songs; this was the first project in which he could concentrate on vocals.

In 2009, he started a tribute to the band Muse, Uprising, a new challenge both in terms of performance and technology. This project has him reproducing various guitar and keyboard sounds, and integrating a sequencer and timed effects to the mix; this reignited his passion for electronic music and elements, and would serve as a basis for the songwriting to follow.

In the summer of 2010, Leo takes a 10-day vacation opportunity to record and produce new songs in an uninterrupted studio session, appropriately titled “10 Days”. His desire to create something “fun” results in several upbeat songs, featuring strong rhythmic textures, in-your-face guitar riffs and a powerful electronic backbone. Encouraged by the positive reception and enthusiasm of his Uprising bandmates, the band Shine lIon is born.

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