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Amadeus, Far&Away, Whyatt Earp, 4 Rooms

Cheers, How I Met Your Mother

The Winds of War, Replay

Queensrÿche, I Mother Earth, King Crimson

Baseball, Hockey

Dark Goldenrod

Surrounded with classical music as a youth, Ced quickly took a liking to opera music, and started vocal and choral training for a short period of time.

His teenage years saw him discovering rock and listening to Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Guns'n'Roses. In 1992, he started Heaven's Trial, his first rock band, only to quickly discover that good musicians are hard to find. He decided to pick up the bass, believing he could take the dual role of playing and singing pretty quickly. This all happened at a time where he was getting into progressive and alternative rock bands such as Queensrÿche, Genesis, I Mother Earth, Gentle Giand, King Crimson and Echolyn, and he quickly realized that bass was all but a simple instrument. This sparked in him a new passion for bass and he started exploring the instrument for all that it is.

Primarily self taught, Ced would keep playing with on-and-off bands, until he joined Miralis, which would provide him with his first stage experience. In 1999, however, the band was dissolved, and Ced explored new musical horizons and genres, including alternative, jazz and blues, before returning to his classical roots with vocal counterpoints. In 2003, he became part of TUUS, a nine-member choir where he would take on the role of main composer.

In early 2010, Ced joined Uprising, a tribute to Muse, where he would meet Leo and Rick; together they started Shine Lion later that year.

Ced also plays bass for Scripted, a tribute to Marillion, and the BeeKacherZzz.

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