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You are the spice, you are the sweets

You are the taste of liberty

You are the punch, you are the bite

You are the kick I need tonight

You are the flirt, you are the fling

You are the song I want to sing

You turn me on, I’ll plug you in

We’re ready to begin

Shock me, shock me, shock me, shock

Shock me, shock me, shock, shock, shock

Electric Lady

Your current charges up my heart

Your touch is all I need to start

You are the spark

Intensify me

Your fire burning through my veins

Your power hits me like a train

You jolt me, I’m electrified

You are the scent, you are the fume

Your body for me to consume

You are the tease who aims to please

Yeah, yeah, yeah

You are the road, you are the sky

You are the wings I want to fly

You gratify, you satisfy

You jolt me, I’m electrified


Music and Lyrics by Leo

(c) 2013 Musilion inc.